Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I've learned today

For nearly four years I have been studying the People, the Religions, the Geography the Politics and much more relating to the Middle-East. Since my arrival to this area in The West Bank The Lord Has Opened my eyes. Now, I have learned to look at each person as an INDIVIDUAL. Someone once told me, "Do not presume to understand anyone UNTIL you first, walk a day in their shoes." So what I get from this is that we are to show God's Love and ask for His Discernment FIRST, before I even step a foot out the door. I took a situation into my own hands today. God's Grace kept me safe and allowed for me to repent and learn from it. So very thankful I am to Our Gracious God. May His Light bring clarity to this and every situation. Pastor Adrienne Rogers once said," What is over your head now is ALREADY under the feet of Jesus." Praise God!
                                                                                                                         In Christ,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This is an email I sent a friend.The Lord Placed on my heart to 'Post It'

First,I'd  like to say May God Bless You and the two men who prayed with you. I had hoped that would happen for you. It is so important, especially for a man, to have a unit of male Believers or at least one Believer to go to and have as a "prayer partner" and Brother in The Faith. God says" Forsake not the gathering of one to another". That means He knows how we operate and what is best for us. It's true. Many times when I am in prayer alone it is an explosive, Spirit-Filled time with Him. As I gather with others, especially when I don't think I need to, and my pride is blinding my true need for fellowship, that is when I really need other believers around me and eventually the things I am doing in my life are sometimes brought to the surface. That is when I hear other people who are around me singing or praying or just weeping and weeping and God's Spirit moves in me. It is not an emotion thing. We NEED other people who know they are sinners saved only by the Blood of The Living God, Christ Jesus. Each person knows how unworthy they are and how so very important they are to The One who Created them.We, as Believers, have that in common and that Thanksgiving is demonstrated in Song, Dance, Prayer, Praise, Weeping, and however else The Spirit moves you. I am one who has been alone for many years, for the most part. I was not interested in TRYING to become interested in gossip or someone else's ideas of a worthy way of spending ones' time. Some may have said I was a bit snooty maybe but I'd say I was reserved. So, when I began my Walk With Christ ( this is the moment I had fallen OUT of love with the world and had fallen IN Love with Jesus) as a  Believer six years ago, my Spiritual Mommy told me that I would have to start letting people in. First, I had to let God in, then I give Him Glory by Praising Him alongside fellow Believing women. Being friends with women scared me . I realize that fear is not from the Lord, so I just pray about it and try to see His Face in the women I meet. It is important that we are with people of the same gender in prayer, as unnatural as it may seem during such an intimate moment,because this allows the "flesh" to step aside, allowing for a true, raw prayer experience. Itmay be especially difficult for those who have very tender wounds from that important figure(a 'distant' Mother or Father).Once God comes in and we ALLOW  HIM to "set up shop" in us, in our past, our present and future, our world changes. I encourage you to check out a Bible Believing Church. Just show up, shake hands, leave, then do it again the next service. I and my team here in The West Bank will be praying for you and for a Prayer Buddy to come your way. Don't get a picture in your head of some cheezy kid telling you all about his "kumbiya" life. (Actually, I think a "kumbiya" life would be very nice!)  You never know who you'll meet. God knows EXACTLY what you need. So, take it, thank Him, and rejoice in your walk.   GOT IT ?!!?!   
Please forgive me if this was offensive or "preachy" twords you. I truly just gave you what was placed on me to say. Thanks for reading this. I would like to now answer your question of surrendering. We have a choice. At some point in our life our body must die, unless Christ Returns for Judgement before that time. Now, we have a choice to make. We will die to our "selves" and live for Him or live for our "selves" and die in sin. We have been given a real opportunity to grow in Him. Now, you are at a point when you see the proverbial sign in the road with a clearly-written destination and arrows pointing to which way you are to go to meet this destination. Nothing foggy or faded about this sign. God has chosen you for some thing specific that only you are characterized for. I pray you will place your Trust In Jesus. I pray your life will be TRANSFORMED IN HIM. I pray you will ask Him to come in to your heart and open your eyes to understanding His Word and His Message. I pray this prayer for myself all the time! You'll see what happens when you give your heart fully to Him. It's Awesome. You will see things differently, as if your brain has been rewired. It is truly your heart though. We still have flesh, which causes us to fall, but the difference in falling as a Saved Believer is you'll have the Grace and tools to know how to press on during the trial and afterward. Life without Him is so self-serving. Our mortal "I  can do it by myself " mentality leads us to revert at times of trouble to 'me' thinking "happy thoughts", hoping for little butterflies to flutter along,tickle our nose, and carry our troubles away. Troubles which are later replaced by more trouble and worry and "how am I supposed to handle this!" moments. Exhausting! There are plenty of moments when I crave 'peace'. The thought of just coasting and testing the waters wherever I go seems like a dream but it is a nightmare in disguise. Jesus said,"I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life. No One Comes To The Father Except Through Me." Through Him we are able to walk and talk and make decisions. I am so Blessed by this privilege each day, Thanks Be To God. We, in America do not have the easiest road. There are so many vile temptations. Our God made sure we could connect with Him in all circumstances ( weakness, joy, concern, etc...). He gave us Our Savior. As I was reading In Exodus 30:17-21 this morning I cried and cried over the Love God Has shown us in His Son. Here, in Exodus, He speaks of the responsibilities of the Priests on being completely and thoroughly clean before even stepping a foot in to The Holiest Places ( which are a Picture of The Body Of Christ). We now have The Gift of ASKING His Son( The Holy One) to come into OUR heart.From that very point of fully, truly asking Him in to our heart, we are given an opportunity to then ask for forgiveness for all of our mess. Right then, He Cleans us up! Washes us whiter than snow! He NEVER throws past sin up in our faces. Once it's done, it's done. He says he tosses the sin as far as the East is from the West. I Praise God For that. I know what I have done. I know I deserve death for what I have done. He has made a real promise, a covenant.The Everlasting Covenant that He Will Never Leave Me. Never, because I put my Trust in him. I Pray You too will Know This Joy. I Pray you and many other people in my life may make that choice, because He has a place for His Kids In Heaven. A real, physical place to be with Him.He just meets you right where you are, then offers to be the Food and Drink of our Lives. What fulfillment. OKAY! I do get a bit excited while speaking on this. THIS is the Joy in my Life.I'd love for this to be shared with the Nations, and it shall. I'll send a separate email about the other topic you had mentioned. May God Bless You!
                                                                                                 In Christ,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here in The West Bank

The wind is changing directions. Beautiful skies and hot during the day, cool and breezy in the evening. It (the weather) is much like the atmosphere of people. There are those who smile when you smile and others who just watch you, giving you no idea of their intent. God is all around us here. It is amazing to know how He Blessed David with King Samuel here. He raised a boy up in His ways who would become the earthly dad of our Savior. Through these hills He spoke to shepherds and conjoined the planets, telling them which direction to face so ALL the Glory may be given to The King of the Universe after his birth.
Wow! The Lord is Awesome!
Soon, I plan to visit some families to see what their needs may be. Please pray, everyone. This is the time.
Yesterday, I was Blessed with the privilige of spending the entire day in Jerusalem. GodTV had a Live broadcast for The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. Such a powerful moment. The Spirit is so strong, especially when there is a huge group of believers together in prayer and worship sitting atop of a hill located in The Holy Land. I thought of you all while I was there and how your prayers and support have, through Christ, Blessed me. Blessings which will be spread to others who are in need. Thank you.
It is late as I write so before I begin making any less sense, I'd better end this posting here.
May God Bless You All! I love you and Pray you are well. Thank you for YOUR prayers. In Christ, Andrea
P.S. I, as soon as I learn how, plan to post some photos and video for you to see!