Monday, October 4, 2010

Here in The West Bank

The wind is changing directions. Beautiful skies and hot during the day, cool and breezy in the evening. It (the weather) is much like the atmosphere of people. There are those who smile when you smile and others who just watch you, giving you no idea of their intent. God is all around us here. It is amazing to know how He Blessed David with King Samuel here. He raised a boy up in His ways who would become the earthly dad of our Savior. Through these hills He spoke to shepherds and conjoined the planets, telling them which direction to face so ALL the Glory may be given to The King of the Universe after his birth.
Wow! The Lord is Awesome!
Soon, I plan to visit some families to see what their needs may be. Please pray, everyone. This is the time.
Yesterday, I was Blessed with the privilige of spending the entire day in Jerusalem. GodTV had a Live broadcast for The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem. Such a powerful moment. The Spirit is so strong, especially when there is a huge group of believers together in prayer and worship sitting atop of a hill located in The Holy Land. I thought of you all while I was there and how your prayers and support have, through Christ, Blessed me. Blessings which will be spread to others who are in need. Thank you.
It is late as I write so before I begin making any less sense, I'd better end this posting here.
May God Bless You All! I love you and Pray you are well. Thank you for YOUR prayers. In Christ, Andrea
P.S. I, as soon as I learn how, plan to post some photos and video for you to see!

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